Layering & Hi/Low Dressing

A couple of weekends ago I attended the #DestinationAdare event with the Irish Blogger Agency and on the stunning grounds of Desmond Castle I managed to fit in a quick outfit shoot with the help of fellow blogger CeCe In The City. You can read all about our trip in my last blog post here.

In today’s post I’m talking about two of my favourite dressing techniques – Layering and Hi/Low Dressing. Before we go any further let me explain a bit more. Layering is pretty self explanatory in that it’s just putting different items of clothing on top of one another. Hi/Low Dressing refers to pairing designer labels with affordable pieces adding luxury and originality to your look.

Layering is ideal at this time of year as the weather tends to be all over the place – being able to shed or put back on a layer can make all the difference. Hi/Low Dressing is my favourite of all dressing techniques. I have managed to buy a couple of CLASSIC designer pieces which helped me update and add a little bit of luxury to my wardrobe. I’ve highlighted classic because if, like me, you can’t afford to be blowing money on designer items you are better to invest in classic/timeless pieces rather than the latest ‘It’ bags which come and go. You can ready a blog post I wrote awhile back called ‘Buy Designer on a Budget’.

With this outfit I layered a Lucy Nagle cashmere poloneck jumper under a Penney’s blazer paired with some Zara biker trousers, River Island heeled ankle boots & my Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM bag (purchased second hand from Siopaella). As you can see in this look I incorporated both techniques using high-street and designer items. To keep your look fashionable and affordable try mixing designer pieces with lower end items. Through doing this the items complement each other, the look is luxurious while not over the top and best of all the outfit is original. I hope you enjoy today’s post and if you have any questions about the above techniques let me know.


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