Time For A Spring Clean

March is officially the first month of Spring and also the month of my birthday. What better time is there to start a spring clean?! I’ve delayed this post as the weather hasn’t been very ‘Spring like’ until this weekend. I managed to capture some nice Spring images at home and just enjoyed the beautiful weather, hope you guys did too. In Spring the evenings are getting longer and all in all I think it’s a good time to get that pep back in your step. It’s also a good time to reassess some of those goals you made in the New Year and maybe add some new ones! In this post I’m talking about carrying out a Spring Clean! When I talk about a Spring Clean I mean in every aspect of my life. I think when your organised, tidy and have a clear mind life is so much easier. I have broken this post down into a few different sections to show you how I like to ‘Spring Clean’.


Schedule is a huge variable in everyone’s life. You often hear people say that they have nothing on for weeks and then two or three things will crop up on the same date. This is typical and it happens to me all the time. It leaves you feeling torn and if you’re like me it leaves you with a serious case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). This is where your schedule comes in. I know it’s not easy and unfortunately unforeseen things happen but as much as I can I stick to a schedule. Having a schedule means you commit to things, you know what you have on, what you have to budget for etc. It helps keep your mind clear and keeps unnecessary stress at bay. Write things down to help you keep to your schedule, whether it’s on your phone or in a physical diary – trust me it helps.


This kind of thing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but clearing your mind is really important to help you focus. Whether it is in work or daily life to focus on your goals you need to have your priorities straight. This links in with the above point, Schedule. Do whatever you need to help with this – it might be going to the gym, yoga or just writing a simple list. Take some time for yourself!


I spoke about giving my wardrobe a detox in this post here and it definitely helps in terms of Spring Cleaning. Another tip for giving your wardrobe a spring clean is to get in the habit of putting things away, for example, store away some of those more chunky, heavy knits and leave out what is more suitable for Spring/Summer – because realistically guys we live in Ireland you’ll always need a jumper! This also helps you assess what your wardrobe is lacking.

(Orange Coat/ White Jeans/ Stripe Top/ Marc Jacobs Bag)


Just like our wardrobes our beauty drawers often need a good clear out too. In terms of beauty coming into Spring I start changing up various aspects including my make-up, fragrances and tan. In relation to makeup (I try to steer away from heavy makeup in general) I opt for a dewy natural look and for occasions I add a pop of colour here and there. I also start to go for lighter fragrances, introducing more florals, like this Roger Gallet one, and steer away from the musky/woody scents. Finally, I like to start applying a gradual tan because fingers crossed the weather is starting to improve and we’re beginning to shed some of those layers slowly but surely.

Assess Your Goals

This is something that should be done monthly because lets face it most of us are guilty of setting unrealistic goals at the start of the year. If you find it hard to stick to your New Year’s resolutions take every month at a time. Set different goals each month. For example this month I set the target of running the 10k Kinvara Rock and Road.

Hope this post helps you if you are planning a Spring Clean!




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