My Image Skincare Journey

Since I was younger I have been pretty lucky with my skin in terms of breakouts. I’ve suffered with eczema and dry skin on my body but thankfully not so much on my face. However one of the downsides of not having too many breakouts was that I didn’t give my skin the care and attention it needed. I’m embarrassed to say I only started using SPF consciously about 5 months ago.


*I would like to state this post is not sponsored. Image is working wonders for my skin with the guidance of Beauty At Eleven and I know a lot of people are curious about the brand so I’m sharing my journey with you. I wanted to wait to write this post and experience the products first. I have been using the Image products for 5 months and this is how I’m getting on.

imageI’m always sceptical about these must have skin care ranges and their crazy prices too… That was until I was introduced to Image and it was only by chance. I booked a nail appointment at Beauty At Eleven in my local town, Cashel, after it had come highly recommended by a good friend of mine. Bríd, the owner, again by chance did my nails and we got chatting. I noticed that they stock the Image brand and I was interested to learn about it. Bríd was so informative and knowledgeable that I knew I would have to give it a go. She has contributed to this post with her expertise and I’m going to talk you through the steps of my Image Skincare journey.

Step 1: Skin Consultation

The first step on my Image Skincare Journey was to go for my skin consultation with Beauty At Eleven. This is free of charge. My skin was assessed here by Katie. She cleansed my skin and I got to try some of the products. I was then advised about the products and facials that would be suitable for my skin which was classified as dry to combination.

Step 2: My First Peel/Facial

The first peel you do is mild to break you in gently to the Image products as they are full of active ingredients. I bought the products after the facial on the same day because for maximum results it’s advised to use the products hand in hand with the facials which makes sense.

Step 3: Home Care & Products

All Image products are full of active ingredients which means they are working constantly on the skin after you apply them. They help balance the skin, prevent aging and breakouts meaning Home Care is just as important as going for your facials. Home Care also helps prolong the good the facials do.

Ormedic Balancing Cleanser: I use this product day and night to cleanse my skin. It’s very simple to use and removes makeup easily. After use your skin feels extremely clean and a little tight but once you apply your serum and moistuiser you skin feels super soft.

Vital C Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum: I had never used a serum before this and I’m converted. This product is super hydrating and soaks into your skin straightaway. It is anti-ageing and extremely lightweight.

Vital C Hydrating Eye Recovery Gel: I used to suffer with very dry skin around my eyes (strange I know) so I’m always conscious to keep this area hydrated and moisturised. This product does exactly that and a little goes along way. It is a serum so can be used all over the eyes – its light weight and a brilliant introduction to an eye cream for someone starting out.

Vital C Enzyme Mask: I use this product once a week. When I started using it first I left it on for approx. 15 minutes and then washed if off carrying on with the rest of my routine as normal. Now that my skin has become accustomed to the Image products I leave this mask on over night. When I wake up my skin is super hydrated and feels plumper.

Prevention+ Daily Hydrating Moisturiser SPF 30: I think this is my favourite product from the Image skincare range. It doesn’t leave the skin greasy, it soaks in well and makeup goes on lovely over it which is a plus for me as I’m always rushing in the morning.

*Please note you can introduce these products gradually into your skincare routine if you don’t want buy all the products at once. For example, I’m still using my old exfoliator but it’s next on my list to purchase. Also with all these products a little goes a long way. I bought these 5 months ago and haven’t had to repurchase yet.

Step 4: Continuing Peels/Facials

I left about 3 weeks in between my peels. Each time you go for a peel you move up in grades meaning each one is like a building block. No two peels are the same as they are varied to suit your skin and the condition it’s in. Enhancers are added as you go up the ladder to your facial peel like hyaluronic  acid, stem cells and vitamin C depending on what your skin needs and the results you want. Beauty At Eleven don’t charge extra for these Enhancers to be added. You can feel them working on the skin so if you get a tingling sensation don’t be alarmed.


Step 5: Seeing The Results

This is definitely my favourite part. I’ve notice a huge difference in my skin as I now have a structured routine. While it’s still not perfect its way more balanced and free from dry patches and irritation. I still get the odd breakout but things such as lifestyle, eating habits, exercise etc. obviously affect the skin too but I’m getting there. Also something to note is the Image peels will draw out any lumps or bumps underneath the skin as well as fine lines & dehydration lines. They won’t give you breakouts but they will draw out what needs to go. Think of it as a detox for your skin.


*Beauty At Eleven run offers from time to time which you can see on their Facebook page. One of these came up so I took full advantage and bought 3 facials at a considerably reduced price compared to if you paid separately. There was also an offer running on the Image products too around the same time meaning I got my Image starter pack for much less. Ladies, I’m always saying it, keep an eye out for these kind of offers, they saved me a fortune! I will be working with the lovely ladies at Beauty At Eleven in the coming weeks as I step up my Image Skincare Journey further. Keep an eye out on my Instagram Stories and Snapchat (unrivalled_chic) for more.


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