Paris | Lookbook 1


My trip to Paris was an action packed one and I wouldn’t have done it any other way! When I’m on a city break I like to see as much as possible and I can certainly say I did that. I don’t think there was a part of the city we didn’t see. Paris is so famous for its sites so instead of doing a ‘Top Things to Do’ post I’ve showcased some of the images I captured and incorporated them into a Lookbook! I have linked some items down below if you fancy recreating this outfit.


The Red Coat

red-1   suede-coat new-look zara


The Denim Shirt

denim-shirt    light  dark   ripped


The Designer Black Tote

celine_black_phantom_luggage_-1_grande   louis_vuitton_black_epi_leather_speedy_-3_grande  victoria_beckham_black_quincy_tote-1_grande prada_zip_tote_grande


Black Jeans

molly  am  rip bob


The Black Ankle Boot

boohoo kurt   geiger    boo


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