Winter In Style

Living in Ireland we have a constant change of temperature which sometimes makes Winter Styling difficult. We wake up in the morning, it’s freezing, and then suddenly by lunchtime the temperature has risen. If you’re working in an office this comes into play too. While it may be cold outside it can be sweltering inside which is also not great for our skin (a whole other topic which I’ll get into another time). In today’s post I have included some tips on how to get the balance right while still looking stylish.



Layering for me is a must in Ireland due to the fluctuating temperatures. You can see here I have paired this chunky grey knit with a light weight leather waterfall jacket. Underneath I have a simple cami, which adds another layer. I find this combo sees me right most of the time in winter, with those really freezing days being an exception where a big winter coat is a must.



I am obsessed with chunky cosy knits. They make winter so much more enjoyable! I like to have one in all the basic colours – black, navy, grey, beige and cream. They have endless options – worn under a winter coat/jacket, with a pencil skirt/trousers for work, with ripped jeans for a more casual look etc. Make sure to buy good quality as you don’t want them to be ruined after a couple of washes. You don’t have to break the bank either to find good quality, see some options here.



Winter wear is notoriously more expensive. When I buy a winter coat/jacket I try to get the most wear I can out of it and I do this by styling it as many ways as I can. For example, this fur stole adds to the leather jacket and you almost think that it’s apart of it. This jacket could be worn in a variety of ways – over a simple cami for drinks, with a chunky knit as styled here, a fur gilet could be layered over/under it, your options are endless. Statement jewellery is another big asset, a chunky pearl statement necklace over this grey jumper would work really well or you could add a pop of colour. I decided to pair this look with this dark red handbag to add that pop of colour and it is a lovely piece for Autumn.


Shop The Look

Leather Waterfall Jacket

Grey Jumper

Bag: Carraig Donn, MacDonagh Junction

Fur Stole: Carraig Donn, MacDonagh Junction


*This post is in collaboration with Carraig Donn and I just want to say a massive thank you to them, they’ve been big supporters of Unrivalled Chic from day one.


Hope you all have a lovely long weekend everyone. Happy Halloween! x



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