October’s Bargain Buys

Since my return home from my Travels, I’ve decided to do a monthly blog post featuring my bargain buys. Who doesn’t love a good bargain?! Nowadays with online shopping and such great quality on the high-street it has become much easier to purchase stylish pieces for less. Each month’s ‘Bargain Buys’ feature will have a set theme. This month it is general Autumn/Winter to help you get stocked up for less. The items featured are from Siopaella and River Island. Check out my picks for this month, click to view and leave a comment if you have made some bargain purchases!

‘Because I bought it on sale

I actually made money’

michael_kors_black_wallet-1_grande michael_kors_black_saffiano_leather_bag_-1_grande   louis_vuitton_monogram_sarah_wallet-1_grande


white-heel       black-sleeveless   pink-heel


pattern  red khaki

stick   lbd  jeans

cos_pale_pink_collarless_coat_-_large-3_grande   starneon-rose-luxe-satin-bomber-jacket-1_grande




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