Importance of Maintaining Your Wardrobe

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In this post I have included a few tips for wardrobe maintenance. This sounds a bit bizarre but it’s something that’s important to me as I feel whether you buy your clothes from Penneys/Primark or go designer once they are looked after they will last.

Don’t Hang Knitwear

Hanging knitwear, especially good quality knitwear, distorts its shape. It is usually too heavy for the hangers and stretches. Most blends of knitwear don’t crease so opt to fold them neatly instead.

Never Pull Threads

I probably sound like your mother when I say this but DON’T pull that annoying thread, wait until you can get your hands on a scissors. Pulling threads weakens the fabric and can also distort the whole shape of certain pieces.

Keep Your Dust Bags & Shoe Boxes

Dust bags are essential in my packing regime and also in my wardrobe. They prevent my bags and shoes from getting marked and also prevent your clothes from snagging on them. Shoe boxes save space when you don’t have enough room left in your wardrobe and can be stacked neatly.

Baby Wipes for Suede

A friends of mine introduced me to this and I can honestly say it’s the best. I would wear a pair of suede heels on a night out and next morning I would think they were fit for the bin. But if you give them a good rub all over with a baby wipe and leave them to dry they come up as good as new! I stock up on these anytime I’m in Penneys.


Quality Hangers

Hangers can be the difference between your clothes loosing their shape and keeping it. Heavy items like winter coats need bigger stronger hangers, while you can keep your lighter ones for tops and summer dresses.

Follow Care Guidelines

This point is pretty self explanatory. Don’t wash something that needs to be dry-cleaned. There’s nothing worse than buying a beautiful item, wearing it once, washing it wrong and its ruined!


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