Heating Things Up With Hermès


A few weekends ago I headed up to Dublin on a shopping trip. My friend had been dying to buy a Hermès Scarf for ages so we popped into Brown Thomas to have a look.

FullSizeRender (3)Sometimes I feel when shopping for designer items there’s a little bit of added pressure to buy and you can’t just browse. This makes me quite apprehensive. However, this certainly was not the case in Hermès, the shop assistants were so kind and helpful. We examined an array of scarves, all different sizes and patterns before we narrowed it down.

FullSizeRender (2)I own a couple of Hermès scarves and my mum, very kindly, has handed me down a few of hers. So, my trip to Dublin sparked the idea of this post. While speaking to the shop assistants they made me aware of the different ways to utilise the scarves. I knew of the basics, for example using them to accessorise a bag etc. However, now when you purchase a Hermès scarf they supply you with an informative guide on how to style it. This is a great incentive to buy one of these beautiful scarves as they are a luxury product but if you can use them in different ways you are definitely getting value for money.

These styles can be tried with any scarf, they don’t have to be designer. Also, if you buy a Hermès scarf never wash them, always dry clean. Check out the images below and click here to view some different styles.

HermèsHermèsHermèsscarf resized


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